Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is classed as a hazardous waste and comes in many forms with varying degrees of hazard. Any building constructed prior to 2000 could potentially have asbestos within, whether it’s in the floors, roofs, walls or on the pipes.

All types should be treated with respect as any dust inhaled, when disturbing the asbestos, can lead to serious health conditions. Bonded asbestos should be covered with plastic sheeting ideally but more hazardous, fibrous asbestos should be double-bagged in approved bags, prior to collection. Should you require these bags then we can arrange for some to be delivered to the destination of your choice, whether it’s your main office or direct to site.

PLEASE REMEMBER! If you are handling asbestos always wear appropriate safety equipment.

The most common type of asbestos is cement bonded which can be in sheet or tile form. This is usually found on factory and garage roofs but asbestos can also be found in floor tiles of schools and offices. We can supply the appropriate container for you to put the asbestos into before removing and disposing at a licensed facility.

Alternatively, you may wish for an experienced asbestos removal professional to handle this for you. If you think you may have discovered asbestos within a building and are concerned that it has been disturbed or you require it to be removed altogether, then call Artemes Waste Solutions.

We will assign a local professional to conduct a survey so we can provide you with the safest and most cost-effective option. The asbestos may need to be removed or sometimes it can be safer to leave it where it is. Whatever the scenario we will put your mind at rest.

If asbestos disposal is of interest, you may care to enquire about purchasing our bags which are designed specifically to safely hold asbestos and can be delivered to your door.