Contaminated soils

With the continuous growth of the construction sector, more and more projects are being developed on brownfield sites posing the possible risk of land contamination. The history of these sites usually gives an indication of the possible contamination within the ground and therefore the scale of the project in terms of cost to remediate or excavation and disposal.

However, contaminated soils is not just restricted to brownfield sites. Greenfield areas can be affected by many types of contaminants such as pesticides, industrial discharge and even dilapidated out-buildings lined with asbestos.

Should time be against you where remediation is not a viable option, landfill may be the best option.

This is where Artemes Waste Solutions can help you. We will listen to your requirements in terms of timescale, budget, site location and order of works. We can then provide you with the following services wherever you are working in the UK:

All services carried out will be with licensed waste carriers and disposal outlets will have an environmental permit provided by the Environment Agency.

So if you are currently on a project and have unearthed something unexpected or are planning for a job starting in the next few weeks, call us with your requirements and we do some ‘ground-work’ of our own so you will be confident that the waste side of your project is in good hands.