Front End Loaders (FELs)

Front End Loaders (FELs) are designed for compactable waste at sites where wheelie-bins do not provide enough storage for waste. They are ideal for offices, shops, restaurants or any company that produces a lot of packaging or light ‘black bag’ waste, as they are quite neat, easy to load and the services are scheduled, either weekly or fortnightly, so you don’t have to worry about booking collections.

Suitable waste includes:

  • general waste (compactable)
  • dry mixed recycling
  • segregated recycling (e.g. cardboard or plastic packaging)

More robust waste such as bricks, rubble and timber are not suited for FEL containers, please see our skip hire service for this type of waste.

Front End Loaders (commonly known as FELs) are large ‘skip-like’ containers, except instead of being exchanged or removed from site or emptied and brought back (like skips would be), they are emptied into the waste collection vehicles on site. Very much like wheelie-bins are.

FEL containers come in various sizes to suit (approximate Dimensions)

6 yd 6 4.6 180 200 190
8 yd 8 6.1 215 200 214
10 yd 10 7.6 215 200 212

To put this into perspective, the large wheelie-bins you commonly see to the side or rear of shops and shopping centres are usually 1100 litre bins (or 1.1 m3).  So a 6yd FEL (or 4.6 m3) is equivalent to just over 4.5 wheelie-bins.

The most common FEL size is 8yd and they are easy to load waste into using two light, but robust, plastic lids.

The 10yd FELs are shaped like a cube, with a window slider on the side and two lids on the top. These are perfect for any businesses with loading bays as waste can be drop from the bay straight into the FEL.

One other benefit to these services is that they can be moved around with a forklift. However, please inform us first if you are likely to do this so the driver knows where to find it!

Costs for this service are much cheaper than skips if used correctly. Just be aware that should you load with heavy wastes, there may be excess weight charges, so best to check with us first to see if this would apply in your area.

If you think this service might be right for you then please call us to discuss. The alternative to FELs, in addition to wheelie-bins, are Rear End Loaders (RELs).

You may also be interested in our van and caged van collections or possibly our skip hire or hazardous waste services.