Grab Lorry Hire

Artemes Waste Solutions can provide grab lorry hire services throughout the UK, offering easy collections of:

  • soil
  • bricks, rubble, concrete, stone
  • wood
  • metal
  • mixed construction waste

Our grab lorry service is ideal as an alternative to tipper lorries, especially if you do not have the plant to load them. They can also replace the need for roll-on/roll-off containers if space on site is at a premium.

We can offer 4, 6 and 8 wheeled grab vehicles, depending on your requirements and availability.

Typical weight that each grab lorry hire vehicle can carry

Grab size Maximum load weight (tonnes)*
4 wheeled grab lorry 10
6 wheeled grab lorry 15
8 wheeled grab lorry 20

* This is the weight of the waste loaded onto the vehicle. Maximum weight can vary depending on waste type and legal payload limits of individual vehicles.

An 8-wheeled grab lorry can carry more waste material but 6-wheeled grab lorries are really useful in accessing areas with tighter access.

It is important that you advise us of the exact type of waste material that you need collecting as disposal costs can vary greatly between the different types of waste.

Grab lorry hire is a popular service in the construction industry so it is always best to book well in advance to receive collections when you need them. However, if you do have any urgent requirements then we will do our upmost to provide the service you require.

If this is of interest you may be interest in our digger hire, see our Equipment & Plant Hire service for more information.