Road sweepers

Road sweepers are essential in keeping your sites and highways, in a clean and safe condition. Artemes Waste Solutions can provide nationwide coverage for construction sites, private businesses and local councils as well any highway cleaning requirement.

Construction sites inevitably produce dirt, sand and clay which is transferred onto access roads and out onto the main highway from the many vehicles accessing the site. Employees cars, contractors vans, delivery and collection vehicles all add to the amount of dirt, in addition to any ‘wash-off’ from the site after period of rainfall.

Our road sweeper service can keep things clean for you.

We can also help to clear any gullies which can get clogged with the dirt, debris and leaves. Should there be any stubborn marks or matter stuck to drives, pavements or carparks, a jetting service may be the answer.

All waste collected can be removed, if requested, from site and taken to a licenced facility. Some construction sites may want the material to be tipped on site as the material collected may only be soil and stones. Either request is absolutely fine.

These services tend to be booked days in advance so getting road sweepers at late notice can be a headache. It’s always best to book early but don’t panic if you haven’t; Artemes Waste Solutions are proud to be a company that works miracles when it comes to getting clients a road sweeper when all seems lost!

So if you are looking for road sweeper hire, wherever you are in the UK, one call to Artemes can get it organised for you.

We hope to hear from you soon!