Roll-on/Roll-off containers

Roll-on/Roll-off containers are large bulk containers and  suitable for a variety of wastes including mixed construction, inert (20yd only) and general wastes as well as segregated site wastes such as timber.

Also known as Ro-Ro’s, bulk containers and hook-lifts, they are perfect for when a skip is simply not sufficient.

Roll-on/Roll-off containers come in various sizes (Approximate Dimensions):

20 yd 20 15.3 600 220 160
35 yd 35 25.7 600 220 240
40 yd 40 30.5 600 220 270

The 35yd and 40yd are suitable for most bulky waste such as mixed construction, office clearance, wood and metal. Heavier wastes like bricks, rubble, soil, concrete and foundry sand are only permitted in a 20yd container due to the weight of the load (these materials in a larger container would make the vehicle unsafe for transportation on the highway).

The larger containers have 2 huge doors at the end, rather like a shipping container, to load waste which are useful for loading waste at ground level.

Or alternatively, if you have plant on site you can load straight into the top of the container and are also ideal for companies disposing of waste from multi-storey buildings or offices, as you can drop the waste directly into them via waste chutes (we can also supply chutes for you).

Due to the high sides of these containers, there is more protection against the elements so you are less likely to get wind scatter, like you can with skips.

20yd Roll-on/Roll-off containers are designed for heavier wastes, but are also a good alternative to mixed wastes if a skip is too small but the 35yd is too high. The 20yd has low sides so waste can easily be loaded into it.

Prices for these services are typically charged as a transport charge plus the cost of disposal by weight. So if you were looking to have a few skips but have space for a Ro-Ro, this may be a cheaper option for you.

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