Skip Hire

Skips, the most well known service in waste management.

Our skip hire service is invaluable to the construction sector in particular, when space is critical and becomes less during the course of a project we can provide you with a quick turnaround for the removal of Mixed Construction Waste (known commonly as ‘general waste’) or for segregated waste streams.

Skips can come in a wide variety of sizes but not all sizes are supplied by each waste company. Most will have 7 or 8 cubic yard skips but what if you need bigger or maybe require an enclosed (lidded) skip?

Whatever size you require, Artemes Waste Solutions will endeavour to get it for you!

Skip Dimensions (these can vary depending on manufacturer)

2 yd 2 1.53 160 110 80
4 yd 4 3.05 180 130 100
6 yd 6 4.58 300 160 100
8 yd 8 6.11 310 160 135
10 yd 10 7.63 350 175 150
12 yd 12 9.16 370 175 170
14 yd 14 10.69 410 175 180
16 yd 16 12.21 430 175 200

Skip Hire designed for Construction Companies

There are times when segregating waste can save you money and also provide brownie points towards environmental targets set by many businesses, their clients and also environmental assessment bodies such as BREEAM.

However, Site Managers, especially at major house-builders, will only be too aware that segregating waste is not always an ideal solution. Factors such as available space may limit the amount of skips you can have at site. Then there can be the issue of skip contamination, numerous skips can be counter-productive if the skips are abused when wrong waste types are put in the skip.

Site personnel can be sub-contractors or agency based. In which case they may not have the same company ethos as they are only on site for a number of weeks and to train them in every aspect of the site is time-consuming and expensive.

If this a familiar story, we understand the challenges and are here to help, If you are unable to segregate your waste then we will happily provide mixed construction waste skips and the sorting will occur at a local recycling facility.

Skip Hire for Shopfitters and Refurbishment Companies

Shopfitters and refurbishment companies usually need a different way of servicing their projects. Typically a shorter-term requirement, skips require a quick turnaround as some jobs can be time-critical.

City centre projects, large department stores and supermarkets can also pose the issue of time-constraints which means skips can only be serviced during particular times of the day; sometimes very early.

Artemes has a wealth of experience in dealing with these types of scenarios and understands that it can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating trying to organise the waste side of the project.

Whether you are a house builder and need various skips for segregated waste, a shopfitter that requires exchanges before 7:30am or a contractor that can only have wait & load skips for a busy high street, Artemes will provide you with the skip hire service you need and when you need it, we work alongside you so you can confidently focus on other important project matters, knowing that ‘waste’ is one job sorted!