Tanker Services

Artemes Waste Solutions can provide nationwide tanker services to service a variety of liquid wastes solutions.

Tanker services for Septic Tank / Cesspool

It is recommended that septic tanks are emptied on a regular schedule basis to avoid the risk of a build up of solid waste which can result in a tank overflowing. For toilet blocks located on a construction site this is especially important! Out of hours services can be arranged should you be working on a project through the night or over a weekend.

Artemes can arrange for a tanker to arrive at your location within an agreed timeframe. The length of a hose varies with tankers and so it’s very important to confirm, from the outset, if there are access issues which may mean a longer hose is required to reach the tank.

All waste will be removed and disposed of at a licensed waste treatment facility and you will be left with the relevant paperwork in compliance with the Duty of Care: Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Tanker Services for Water and Oil Waste Removal

Whether you have effluent tank, interceptors or a shower block, we will provide you with the correct sized tanker to be able to remove all waste waters and oils. Please confirm with us the capacity of the tank so we can make this happen for you, wherever you are in the UK.